An Answered Prayer has MODIFIED our hours for the safety of our Office Employees during the COVID-19 Quarantine. 

The office will be open Tuesday, and Friday, normal hours 8am to 4pm.

Please continue to work your normally scheduled hours. If you are unable to make sure you call the office or the Call-off phone to report off.


Our Consumers are counting on you to help keep them safe during these trying times. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office and we will be happy to help you!

Please continue to practice safety procedures to avoid you or your Consumer getting sick!



To All Caregivers:


During the current COVID-19 crisis there will be many challenges facing our industry and how we are able to provide care for our clients. If you or your client begin to exhibit the primary symptoms of COVID-19 virus these are the steps you will need to take:

          Primary Symptoms:

Fever, Cough, Trouble Breathing


  1. Contact a Doctor, Hospital, or the Department of Health. They will instruct you on steps to take.

  2. If you are told to self-quarantine (Stay at home for up to 14 days), then call the office to let us know what you were told. You may be eligible for unemployment while you are unable to work. We will let you know as we get information from government authorities.

  3. If you or your client has tested positive, please call the office to let us know your status. Please do not return to work until you or your client has fully recovered from COVID-19.

  4. If your client refuses care due to their fears of contracting COVID-19, please contact the office. We may be able to schedule you for another case. In the event that no other case is available, you may be eligible for unemployment.


Safety supplies such as gloves, masks, and disinfectants are in short supply and we are unable to get them at this time. Please contact your client’s Support Coordinator for these items. If you have any questions or concerns please call the office.


COVID-19 Hot Line: 1-888-856-2774

Department Of Health: 412-687-2243


William DonGiovanni                                 


An Answered Prayer LLC


Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights



The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. These provisions will apply from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.



Generally, employers covered under the Act must provide employees:

Up to two weeks (80 hours, or a part-time employee’s two-week equivalent) of paid sick leave based on the higher of their regular rate of pay, or the applicable state or Federal minimum wage, paid at:

•  100% for qualifying reasons #1-3 below, up to $511 daily and $5,110 total;

•  2/3 for qualifying reasons #4 and 6 below, up to $200 daily and $2,000 total; and

•  Up to 12 weeks of paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave paid at 2/3 for qualifying reason #5    below for up to $200 daily and $12,000 total.

A part-time employee is eligible for leave for the number of hours that the employee is normally scheduled to work over that period.



In general, employees of private sector employers with fewer than 500 employees, and certain public sector employers, are eligible for up to two weeks of fully or partially paid sick leave for COVID-19 related reasons (see below). Employees who have been employed for at least 30 days prior to their leave request may be eligible for up to an additional 10 weeks of partially paid expanded family and medical leave for reason #5 below.



Under the FFCRA, an employee is entitled to take leave related to COVID-19, and qualifies for paid sick time if the employee is unable to work (or unable to telework) due to a need for leave because the employee:

  1. is subject to a Federal, State, or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19;

  2. has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine related to COVID-19;

  3. is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and is seeking a medical diagnosis;

  4. is caring for an individual subject to an order described in (1) or self-quarantine as described in (2);

  5. is caring for a child whose school or place of care is closed (or child care provider is unavailable) for reasons related to COVID-19; or

  6. is experiencing any other substantially-similar condition specified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Secretaries of Labor and Treasury.

► ENFORCEMENT The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has the authority to investigate and enforce compliance with the FFCRA. Employers may not discharge, discipline, or otherwise discriminate against any employee who lawfully takes paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave under the FFCRA, files a complaint, or institutes a proceeding under or related to this Act. Employers in violation of the provisions of the FFCRA will be subject to penalties and enforcement by WHD. .

For additional information or to file a complaint: 1-866-487-9243 (TTY:  1-877-889-5627)