Participant Complaint Resolution

A grievance is a client or employee's formal complaint resulting from, but not limited to, working conditions, disciplinary action, dismissal and/or actions taken against the client or employee.



To outline the process for addressing participant complaints/grievances to prevent unfair practice, harassment and discrimination against participants in accordance with § 52.18 (f); to provide information regarding the process in place for dealing with discrepancies in understanding, importance, direction and breach of practice in order that prompt and equitable resolution of complaints can be promoted in compliance with § 52.18 .


Complaint Resolution: Client

An Answered Prayer, LLC's  (AAP) complaint system contains the following:

(1) The name of the client.

(2) The nature of the complaint.

(3) The date of the complaint.

(4) AAP's actions to resolve the complaint.

(5) The client's satisfaction to the resolution of the complaint.

AAP reviews complants at least quarterly to:

(1) Analyze the number of complaints resolved to the client's satisfaction.

(2) Analyze the number of complaints not resolved to the client's satisfaction.

(3) Measure the number of complaints referred to the Department for resolution.

All clients of AAP shall have access to grievance/complaint procedures.

Clients are informed of their right to file a grievance/complaint and their right to be protected from retaliation.

  • Clients who intend to file or who file grievances/complaints, shall not:

  • be retaliated against or be discriminated against by other participants; and/or,

  • be coerced or have their actions interfered with by other's.

  • The Director of Human Resources shall ensure clients, who intend to file or who file a grievance/ complaint, are free from fear of retaliation, coercion and/or discrimination.

  • The Agency shall utilize the following procedure for grievances/complaints:


  • A written submission of a grievance/complaint must be submitted within one week of the incident/issue. The submission shall contain the following information:

  • Name of client

  •  Nature of complaint

  •  Date of complaint

  • Agency actions to resolve the complaint

  • Client’s’s satisfaction to the resolution of the complaint

  • If Supervisor and client have unresolved issues, after discussion, a written report of the unresolved issues and the original grievance/complaint shall be submitted to the agency Manager/Administrator.

  • Manager/Administrator reviews the grievance/complaint and unresolved issues and responds to the participant within one week.

  • If the Manager/Administrator’s involvement fails to bring a resolution to the grievance/complaint, the client has the right to report the matter to the Office of the of the local Area Agency for Aging and OLTL

  • Manager/Administrator shall review the semi-annual report and, with input from Supervisor and participant (where appropriate) make corrective changes to offset future complaints/grievances from being files.

  • Supervisor shall prepare a semi-annual report, which includes a summary of the grievances/complaints received during the previous six months, including their numbers and types.


  • Copies of grievances/complaints and accompanying responses and documentation will be kept in the Agency office for at least three years.

  • Every effort shall be make to keep clients satisfied to promote successful care delivery.

  • Access to the grievance/complaint process shall be a client and employee right.

  • Employees shall be informed of, and understand, the grievance process during orientation.

  • Clients shall be given a forum such as staff meetings to express concerns.


  • The Supervisor shall record:

    • Number of complaints not resolved to the participants satisfaction

    • Measure the number of complaints referred to the Agency for Resolution.
    • Name of Supervisor to whom the grievance/complaint is first submitted; and,

    • Signature of the person filing the complaint.

  • Supervisor discusses the grievance/complaint with the participant within one week of receiving it.

  • Resolution of grievance/complaint shall include:

    • presentation of the facts and/or materials by participants;

    • investigation of the dispute; and,

    • an attempt to find a solution.

  • The agency shall maintain data on the number of complaints resolved to the participant’s satisfaction  for comparison to the number of complaints not resolved to a participant’s satisfaction.

  • The agency shall submit a copy of the agency complaint system procedures to the Department upon request.

  • The agency shall submit the information under subsection (c) to the Department upon request.

Complaints do not include personnel actions such as performance evaluations, rates of pay, position reclassifications, or position terminations due to reduction in workforce.

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